Spreadin’ the Love

Since my last Harry Potter-related post, several things have happened. 1) I bought and finished the sixth book, which was very exciting, yet dark and there’ll be no spoilers here and 2) We went on vacation and left Chris alone with all the books and the electricity went out for two days. With no TV, internet or game cube, he foraged for entertainment and found the Harry Potter books. He’s now on the fifth one.

We’ve also watched all three movies in succession so that Chris can catch up to our fanaticism. And I must be honest. I drove to three movie stores trying to find the movies. Since I’ve finished the sixth book and I know that there will be quite a wait before the seventh, and final, book comes out I’ve decided that Harry Potter = Crack. I’m in withdrawal. I want more story. I want to know what happens. NOW! Soon, I’ll be sitting in a corner rocking back and forth, chewing on my fingernails, muttering “What’s going to happen next, Harry? What are you going to do?” over and over.

Also, this week, I decided to quit Dr. Pepper cold turkey. It didn’t work. I had a migrane headache on Wednesday, which I took as a sign from the Dr. Pepper gods not to quit Dr. Pepper again. So to appease the addiction to caffeine that I am sporting and also to make myself feel like I’m doing something healthy, I bought smaller cans of Dr. Pepper and limited myself to one a day. Just one small can in the morning to stave off the headaches. One later in the day if I’m really good or work extra hard. I also bought fresh vegetables to cook for dinner and planned to eat fish one night. Way to go, health nut! I must say, Dr. Pepper = Crack, too.


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