What is Bellow?

This is a journal of our life, originally designed for our family and friends across the country. 

Why did you call this site “Bellow?” 

When our first son, Brandon, was about a year old, he developed this game: he would squeeze his eyes closed and yell ‘bellow’ for no apparent reason – maybe because we laughed and did it back to him and this entertained him, seeing his parents respond to his every command. Soon after, my husband added the phrase ‘to you’ and the game quickly expanded to ‘bellow to you!’ When Chris would come home, Brandon would run and hide and yell ‘bellow’ until Chris found him. We’ve continued this tradition with our younger son, and now both children hide and yell ‘bellow’ anytime Chris comes home. I’m sure their college roommates will understand.

So I named the site ‘bellow to you’ because it’s the phrase I hear most often, other than “I’m hungry” or “I don’t want that for dinner.”

 Who are you?

I’m an attorney who works for a really cool insurance company. Weird, I know – insurance is not cool. But I love my job. We have a precocious 12-year old son who asks questions like, “If 70 nuclear bombs exploded on Mars, would it survive?” Most of his questions concern the destruction of things, which worries me somewhat. We also have a 5-year old son who likes to be naked. This is also worrying. We’re saving up for future therapy. My husband does a lot of stuff of the psychological variety. He also teaches adjunct classes at a local university. We live in a suburb of St. Louis. We have a very old dog named Binki.

 My first blog is located here.

Contact: bellowtoyou at gmail.com

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