New Stuff

As you know, I have a need to change things up once in a while and so I’m currently working on a new site for this blog. So while I’m fiddling around with the new site, please bear with me – I’ll try to get back to posting as soon as possible.

Oh, and my email is down for some unknown reason – which is really irritating because I’ve become accustomed to checking it every five minutes.


New Site!

I’m trying out WordPress to see if I like it better than Blogger. You can check out the old site here. It looks like there’s a ton of stuff you can do with WordPress, so bear with me as I try to figure all this out.

Moon Pie! Moon Pie!

I’m sitting here eating a moon pie. I haven’t had a moon pie in, oh I don’t know, 20 years or so. They are just like I remember – and the same size, too. I swear Chips Ahoy cookies have gotten smaller over the years. It’s a conspiracy.

We procured said moon pies in Illinois, where we spent the weekend with Chris’s mom and her husband. They so graciously invited us to spend last night and today with them and we had a great time touring central Illinois. We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Mt. Vernon – the bread – it was incredible! We went to a park and let the kids play on the playground. I think it was the first time they’ve played on an old-fashioned merry-go-round, mainly because the schools don’t use them anymore – too dangerous, too many lawsuits. But we let the kids play on them anyway and they had a lot of fun.

Brandon has been trying to negotiate either staying up an hour later or waking up at 2:00 am to witness the time change. We keep telling him that there’s nothing special about 2:00 am and we’ll set the clocks back before we go to bed. I most likely will let him stay up an hour later, because I don’t want the kids waking up an hour early – one of the hazards of having young children when you can get an extra hours’ sleep – they don’t have the concept of ‘sleeping late.’

Wonder Pets! Akin to Waterboarding!

Of all the morning shows that Matthew watches, nay – obsesses about – Wonder Pets! is my least favorite. You may remember a previous rant of mine about Wonder Pets. Needless to say, I haven’t changed my feelings about the show.

I try to do other things while Matthew is watching Wonder Pets because I just can’t stomach the show and if I hear the theme song, it sticks in my head all day: “What’s going to work? Teamwork? What’s going to work? TEAMWORK!” Then I want to go sit in a corner and repeatedly bash my head against the wall. Which is not productive, mind you.

I do want to suggest to the current Administration that they consider using Wonder Pets as a method of interrogation instead of waterboarding (which at first I thought sounded like fun – like surfing or skiing or something. Turns out it is actually ‘simulated drowning’ – not so much fun, actually.) See, if you show Wonder Pets non-stop to the person you’re trying to interrogate, eventually the person will crack because because the song is stuck in his or her head and is causing chronic insomnia. I think Wonder Pets would most likely be a good compromise for the whole torture/waterboarding controversy. Really.

Sugar High 2007

Witch Hunt

This seems a little excessive to me – and a colossial waste of money and manpower. Of course I want children to be safe, but parents ought to accompany the kids on their annual night of begging trick-or-treating. The “sex offender” registration status is frought with a bunch of problems, anyway – I foresee some civil liberty suits arising out of these Halloween “lockdowns.”

Matthew Sings: "You Are My Sunshine"

You are my sunshine
You are my sunshine
You make me happy
Those guys are great