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Matthew - 6 months old

Matthew - 6 months old

This is Matthew at 6 months old, enjoying one of those baby teething biscuits that, after getting all slobbery, dry to the consistency of concrete. We never got all the teething biscuit gunk off that walker.

I’m going to tag: Leslie, Wanda, Liz and Kristi.


My Baby’s Growing Up!

Matthew has a loose tooth – his first. He also has an older brother who would love nothing more than to rip that tooth right out of his head. Brandon has spent the entire evening trying to convince Matthew to trust his unlicensed practice of the dental arts. There have been mentions of pliers, wrenches, anesthesia, strings tied around doorknobs, and other various methods of yanking the tooth out. Matthew has been strong and has avoided letting Brandon near his mouth. I’m afraid that in the end, Brandon will be successful in convincing Matt to trust his limited knowledge of dental practice.

In any event, I’ll keep you posted on the status of said baby tooth and whether or not Brandon has a future as a dentist. It should be entertaining.

Can’t Say They Don’t Have A Sense of Humor

Ha ha . . . one of the local news channels did a special report on funeral homes and entitled it: “Funeral Companies Face Stiff Regulation.”

Currently Playing

I don’t have much to blog about (even though there’s 6 inches of snow on the ground; no pictures either – Brandon deemed the snow too powdery for a proper snowman,  so the kids aren’t even interesting in playing in it). So I’m just chilling out listening to:

Collide – Howie Day

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

The Scientist – Coldplay

Ride – The Vines

Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney and Wings

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5

I just finished The Book Thief which is an excellent book – I’ve never read anything quite like this. Narrated by Death (aka the Grim Reaper), it tells the story of Liesel, an adolescent girl growing up in WWII Germany. The subject matter is difficult, but the author does a masterful job of weaving sarcasm and dark humor into the story line. Maybe I just like sarcasm and dark humor, but I couldn’t put the book down this weekend. The author crafts fantastic descriptions – I love them – here’s a sample:

At times, she would watch him. She decided that he could best be summed up as a picture of pale concentration. Beige-colored skin. A swamp in each eye. And he breathed like a fugitive. Desperate yet soundless. It was only his chest that gave him away for something alive.

You must put this book on your reading list for 2009, if you haven’t already read it.

Missed My Chance


Something I’ve Never Heard In A Grocery Store Before

This weekend I was doing my typical grocery shopping and saw a man walking up and down the aisle, peering into all the shoppers’ carts. I didn’t pay too much attention to him until a lady comes sprinting down the aisle, pushing a grocery cart, and saying “Sir . . . sir! I think I took your grocery cart!” Evidently, the lady got confused and took off with the poor guy’s cart and he couldn’t figure out where his groceries had gone. It happens. Would probably be more embarrassing if you took someone else’s cart with their kid in it. Anyway, they shared a good laugh about that.

About 15 minutes later, I was walking down the juice aisle scouting out some Welch’s when this announcement comes over the speaker:

Attention, customers: Please double check your groceries and make sure you have the correct cart.

It was just hilarious that management had to make an announcement about it. I wonder if that lady just couldn’t figure out which cart was hers; was she a serial cart stealer? Who reported her to management? Did she get up to the check out line and figure out she had swiped someone else’s cart because she didn’t shop for 12 dozen packs of ramen noodles? Was she just spreading chaos by switching out unsuspecting shopper’s carts? Who knows? At least I got out of the store with the groceries I needed (and then some) without falling victim to the cart thief.

For My #1 Fan in New Jersey

I got a lovely note from one of my friends in New Jersey today. She wanted a few questions answered that have long gone unanswered. Thanks for inspiring/encouraging me to post again! So here are the burning questions and the answers for which she has been so patient:

Q:  Is Binki still afraid of birds?

A: Binki would like to go on the record and state that she was never ‘afraid’ of the birds; she just wanted to exercise an abundance of caution around the rascals. She believes that dogs and birds can be friends and co-exist peacefully in the world, as long as birds realize that dogs are superior beings and learn their place – which is a good 10 feet above the ground.

Q: Have there been anymore attacks?

A: Binki would also like to go on the record and state, that no, in fact, there have been no further mockingbird attacks. She would like to credit this to the superb scouting and defensive techniques she learned while just a wee stray pup in Oklahoma. She is awesome and there are no birds that should dare to challenge her. Last summer’s attack was an anomoly and will not be repeated because the offending birds have been taken care of – if you know what she means.

Q: Has Matthew caused you to growl in Walgreens?

A: Absolutely. I am practicing my menacing look to go along with this growl so I can short-circuit his pleas for toys. I have started doing a pre-emptive growl in the van before we go in stores, just so he knows that I am watching him. Kind of like  Robert DeNiro in “Meet the Parents.”  

Me before entering a store with my children.

Me before entering a store with my children.

I am sure that the casual observer may wonder what kind of mother this woman is, but trust me, growling is much better than what I really want to say to him when he’s all whiny.

Q: Has he found any more yarn and run it around the house?

A: No. The death threat worked.

Q: Has Brandon become a master nerf gun killer?

A: Yes. In fact, when I got home one day last week, Brandon was sitting at the dining room table with a screwdriver and a nerf gun, which was in many pieces. I asked him what he was doing and he stated, “Modifying my nerf gun so it fires silently.” Sometimes the kid scares me.

Q: And have you beat your family at Wii yet?

A:  I am still the Wii Fit champion, except in boxing. Brandon is much better/faster than I am with the boxing moves. But I am still awesome when it comes to the balance games and yoga, of course. And I’ll probably stay that way until the kids get through awkward puberty stage, and then I’ll be old and they will gleefully beat my score at hula hoop and warrior pose. But until then, I will rub it in their face that they have no sense of balance.