Three months and no postings? Crazy, but true. I just haven’t had the time or the desire to write anything lately. The biggest reason would probably be the fact that we are moving to Texas . . . on Friday. This is a good thing: we’ll be closer to family; away from the cold, dreary winters; in a growing, low-cost-of-living area and in a nice small town (but still close enough to Houston to do cool stuff). The bad thing is leaving our STL friends.  (I’m really going to miss girls’ night!) Oh, and leaving Trader Joe’s. I paid a farewell visit today and decided to launch a “Bring Trader Joe’s to Texas” campaign because I am REALLY going to miss that place!

Sorry for the short notice, but I haven’t wanted to make an announcement until we had all the details taken care of. The major details are finally taken care of, for the most part. Most of the big decisions came down to wire – getting living arrangements taken care of, job details . . . trust me – it has been terribly crazy and stressful. And so far, we’re surviving; however, our mental and emotional well-being is questionable. 🙂  But on a good note, everything seems to be working out. So if I can survive the next week of packing, one week of homelessness (we’ll be in transition at Chris’s dad’s) and then the unpacking, I’ll be amazed.


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  1. So, what brought the move? I’m sure that you will not miss those cold winters. I couldn’t live north of Birmingham. I just hate the cold! I have missed your witty humor and hope you get back into the creative mood soon!

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