We’ve Had Enough Illness, Thank You Very Much

My blissful night’s sleep was interrupted early Saturday morning by wailing and gnashing of teeth – Matthew darted into our room in tears at 3 am, emitting enough heat to toast a marshmallow. He was blubbering something and in my 3 am stupor, I had no idea what he was saying – so after the second incoherent sentence from him, I finally lifted my head off the pillow and said, “What are you saying?”

The kid immediately stopped crying and and looked at me as if to say, Don’t you understand English? And then he yelled, “I. HAVE. TOO. MUCH. SNOT!” Okay. I get it now. Thank you. So I dosed him up with Advil and decongestant and he slept with us the rest of the night. Chris and I didn’t sleep, as Matt snored and coughed and tossed and emitted mass amounts of heat and slept diagonally across the bed.

About 5 am, Chris asked me, “Can you move over? I don’t have any room over here.”  My response was not exactly nice, as I had been trying to sleep on the edge of the bed without falling off and wondering if HE could move over.  He then got the bright idea to drag a blow up mattress in the room and let Matthew “camp out” instead of us “kicking him out of the bed.” Poor Matt felt miserable all day Saturday, but today he feels better. Cheetos help. It just seems that every weekend for the past couple of months, someone has been sick. I will be SO glad for cold/flu/plague season to be over.

And I just realized that I did not go anywhere this weekend. In fact, I did no laundry this weekend, either. And I only wore pajamas.  Chris did all the shopping and the laundry. And, other than having a sick kid, it was wonderful. I’m sure I’ll spend time this week trying to figure out how that happened and how to make it happen again. Soon.


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