Toothless Wonder

Matthew had a loose tooth for about a week – and he wouldn’t let anybody near his mouth so I wasn’t too sure how loose it was and Brandon was denied the opportunity to rip a tooth out of his brother’s head. Tragic, I know. What more could a big brother want than to assist his little brother in losing a tooth? Anyway, this morning when I was fixing the boys breakfast, we discovered that Matt’s tooth had fallen out during the night. Brandon was hoping that he had swallowed it, but we found it laying in the bed. Then Brandon proceeded to tell Matthew how he could retrieve the tooth in the unfortunate event of swallowing it. Yuck. Boys.

Matthew was immediately dismayed that the Tooth Fairy did not leave him anything. I told him that he obviously missed the traditional tooth fairy deadline – it’s common knowledge that all baby teeth up for reimbursement must be out of the mouth by bedtime. The Tooth Fairy will return at the first bedtime after the loss of the tooth to provide funds for said tooth. This pacified him. Thank goodness, because the Tooth Fairy had to run by the ATM in order to provide cash for the baby tooth — Matthew does not take debit cards.


One Response

  1. That’s so funny that the tooth fell out in his sleep. I hope the tooth fairy visits tonight.

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