Flu Shot: Ineffective

Flu shot: $25

Urgent care visit: $50

Getting the flu anyway: Aggravating

Brandon started feeling bad last week, but being the evil mother I am, I sent him to school anyway – he wasn’t running a fever, so I made him soldier on. After all, he had a shop test on why you shouldn’t use the belt sander as an exfoliator. And that’s important to know.

Saturday night, Chris and I went to a dinner hosted by Chris’s agency and when we got home, Brandon had a fever. I took him to the urgent care center Sunday morning and the first thing they wanted to do was test him for the flu. “But he had the flu vaccine . . .” I said. That gave them about 2 seconds pause, then they stuck a giant cotton swab up Brandon’s nose – a few minutes later, the nurse came back and gave us the verdict: the flu.

Brandon was bummed – I was bummed. The doctor basically said he had to suffer through it. Brandon did crack a smile when he got a doctor’s note to miss a few days of school. He was still running a fever this morning, which I know secretly pleased him that he got another day’s reprieve from school.

When Matthew woke up this morning, he also had a fever. So he probably has the flu, too. We all dutifully got our flu shots, so now that they are proving ineffective Chris and I are just waiting for our turn to suffer. We’re cramming vitamins and vegetables and juice in an effort to stave it off. In the meantime, we are disinfecting everything and hoping that this passes quickly.


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