My Baby’s Growing Up!

Matthew has a loose tooth – his first. He also has an older brother who would love nothing more than to rip that tooth right out of his head. Brandon has spent the entire evening trying to convince Matthew to trust his unlicensed practice of the dental arts. There have been mentions of pliers, wrenches, anesthesia, strings tied around doorknobs, and other various methods of yanking the tooth out. Matthew has been strong and has avoided letting Brandon near his mouth. I’m afraid that in the end, Brandon will be successful in convincing Matt to trust his limited knowledge of dental practice.

In any event, I’ll keep you posted on the status of said baby tooth and whether or not Brandon has a future as a dentist. It should be entertaining.


One Response

  1. I bet he has it out in no time. Tell him to crunch on raw carrots and apples.

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