Something I’ve Never Heard In A Grocery Store Before

This weekend I was doing my typical grocery shopping and saw a man walking up and down the aisle, peering into all the shoppers’ carts. I didn’t pay too much attention to him until a lady comes sprinting down the aisle, pushing a grocery cart, and saying “Sir . . . sir! I think I took your grocery cart!” Evidently, the lady got confused and took off with the poor guy’s cart and he couldn’t figure out where his groceries had gone. It happens. Would probably be more embarrassing if you took someone else’s cart with their kid in it. Anyway, they shared a good laugh about that.

About 15 minutes later, I was walking down the juice aisle scouting out some Welch’s when this announcement comes over the speaker:

Attention, customers: Please double check your groceries and make sure you have the correct cart.

It was just hilarious that management had to make an announcement about it. I wonder if that lady just couldn’t figure out which cart was hers; was she a serial cart stealer? Who reported her to management? Did she get up to the check out line and figure out she had swiped someone else’s cart because she didn’t shop for 12 dozen packs of ramen noodles? Was she just spreading chaos by switching out unsuspecting shopper’s carts? Who knows? At least I got out of the store with the groceries I needed (and then some) without falling victim to the cart thief.


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  1. Im so glad you are back!!!!!!!!!

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