Christmas Observations

1. Red + green + blue + yellow moon sand = Gray moon sand.

2.  We probably killed 5 sq. miles of rainforest, just in the toy packaging alone.

3. Wireless routers do not come with “simple step-by-step” directions. And the tech support people have no idea how to support their tech.

4.  We have enough Nerf guns to launch a massive assault. And a Nerf dart to the face is not pleasant. Trust me.

5. Matthew: “Ow, Brandon! You hit me in my brain! I hate it when my brain gets hit! My brain hurts!”

6. Matthew’s Star Wars Clone Trooper Helmet electronic voice: “Fire at will!” Brandon: “What did Will ever do to you?”

7. On receiving a wallet for Christmas, Brandon responded:  “A wallet! With money! Wait a minute . . . this money is used!” (He loves the wallet, Gina. This was the year for big boy stuff . . . they grow up so fast!)


One Response

  1. I don’t know how you do it with 2 boys!

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