All They Want For Christmas Is A Roll Of Bubble Wrap

Packages have been arriving at our house now since before Thanksgiving – all of our family live hundreds of miles away – so Christmas gifts are being shipped in. And the kids are getting so excited every time a box is sitting on our porch. They immediately want to rip it open to see what packaging material lurks within.

So why am I spending tenshundreds of dollars on Christmas presents for the boys when what really excites them is a cardboard box and some bubble wrap? I mean, really, for about $3.97 I could provide them with hours of bubble-popping fun and fore go the strain on my bank account. Of course, I would buy premium bubble wrap – not the cheap stuff where every other bubble is a dud.

I think bubble wrap is the answer; it’s sounding more and more feasible. For variety, I could also give the boys those plastic pockets of air that Amazon likes to use in their shipping. Those things make LOUD noise when jumped on by a 5 year old. Maybe not – I don’t think my nerves could stand the repeated pops of the air pockets.

Sometimes I wonder why I have to make things so hard: I should just go for the bubble wrap. Even decorating would be a breeze: bubble wrap everything. Bubble wrapped tree. Bubble wrapped stockings. Bubble wrapped Santa Claus and reindeer. No more red, green and gold; we could go for the nice sterile clarity of bubble wrap. I could use some clarity. Major clarity.  And maybe some eggnog without the ‘egg’ and heavy on the ‘nog.’


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