Public Service Announcement

Happy holidays, people. Now move your vehicle over into the right lane. The left lane of the highway is for passing vehicles – not moseying along and enjoying the scenery or making calls on your cell phone or trying to decide which casino you want to go to. It is beyond comprehension that most of America does not seem to realize this. However, on our 1700-mile Thanksgiving Expedition, it became very evident that most of America is ignorant about this little rule and I feel that it is my duty to inform those of you who aimlessly drive in the left hand lane for no apparent reason that you are not following the correct rules of the road. And also that you drive the rest of us crazy.

So in the interest of my (and my husband’s) sanity, I’m making this little public service announcement: Drive in the right hand lane at all times. Unless you’re going to pass someone else also in the right hand lane – then I suggest you signal, check all mirrors, pull safely into the left lane and floor it. Especially if you see a white mini-van coming up behind you. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. “Do Unto Others…” 😉

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