My Apologies To My Family, But . . .

I might as well go on and say it: I’m voting for Obama.  McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin forced me to abandon any thoughts of possibly voting Republican this year. Why? There are several reasons I have set forth in a long post deriding McCain’s very unfortunate VP pick. But I won’t bore you with that. I kind of liked John McCain. That’s too bad. Maybe one day someone will explain what in the world the Republicans were thinking by nominating her. Anyway, here is a synopsis of my reasons for voting Democratic this election year:

1. Sarah Palin is woefully unqualified for the position she’s seeking. (i.e., lack of foreign policy experience, lack of political experience in general, reputation for firing people who don’t agree with her, not standing up for victim’s rights as mayor when her city charged rape victims for medical exams, NRA affiliation, I could go on and on . . .)

2. McCain helped pass the bill that deregulated the banking industry and got us into this mess in the first place. I have no expectation of living or retiring as comfortably as my parents and grandparents. We will be paying for this mess for the next couple of generations and McCain has no real idea what it’s like to struggle financially.

3. Now here’s my wild, unproven conspiracy theory: The Republicans are hurting the future of women achieving public office by nominating unqualified women for high profile positions- namely, Harriet Miers and Sarah Palin. It appears (to me, at least) that the Republicans are nominating very unqualified females for these positions – and when (if) they fail, the Republicans can basically say, “Hey, we nominated some women; we’re not sexist. It just didn’t work out.” Then women will have to work that much harder to overcome the memories of a bad first experience with a high-profile female leader. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but come on, Republicans! You have better talent than Miers and Palin! It’s hard enough to get over gender stereotypes without having to make up for bad leadership, too.

I feel so much better now that this is off my chest! In any event, get out and vote!


3 Responses

  1. What foreign policy experience does Barack Obama have? What foreign policy experience did Bill Clinton have as Governor of Arkansas? Look, here’s all you need to know about who to cast your vote for…….

    Barack Obama hates kittens…….
    John McCain loves kittens………..
    Need I say more?

    Dr. E

  2. I am sorry you feel you have to share this with me. I cannot for the life of me believe that this is the best either party can bring. I am not impressed at all. I look at it like this – It’s either the devil you know or the devil you don’t know. You have to make a choice and then suffer the consequences. Either way I fear that we will have “more of the same” until the entire legislative branch understands that they are there for the people of this country. They are all fiddling while Rome is burning.

    ” And that’s all I have to say about that.” – Forrest Gump


  3. Hi Melissa,
    I am sorry you feel the way you do. All we know is that Obama stands for abortion and the change in the mariage law that states that marriage is between a man and a woman, the way God stated it in the Bible.
    I am sorry, but I do not see how you can vote for Obama when he stands for such as this.

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