Red WHAT Cake?

Fortunately, all of our friends and family in the Houston area are safe. Brent and Wanda (who live north of Houston) did not have any damage to their house and they are staying at Chris’s dad’s until the power is restored in their town. We are so glad that everyone is okay!

In other news, Brandon turned 12 on Saturday. Twelve years old. The time has just flown by . . . we celebrated by having some of his friends spend the night Saturday night. On the agenda: Nerf gun battles (with full camo gear), video games and the taunting of Brandon’s little brother. We got up Sunday morning to discover that Brandon had stayed up all night. I think he later regretted that decision because we didn’t let him nap very much. Brandon got everything he asked for: basically gift cards and money. What else do you get a 12-year-old boy? His toys are now expensive – video games, electronics, massive Lego sets.

Brandon requested a red velvet cake for his birthday, so we made one on Saturday. A couple of days before, Matthew asked me what kind of cake we were having and I told him “red velvet cake.” Maybe I mumbled, or maybe Matthew wasn’t paying attention, but he then asked, “Red pelvis cake? What’s that?” That’s when I made the mistake of laughing at his phraseology – this only sparked his desire to repeat “red pelvis cake” at any and all opportunities. I tried (unsuccessfully) to correct him and then attempted to avoid discussing the cake, hoping that he’d forget “red pelvis cake” in a few days.

But he didn’t. For instance: on Friday when I dropped him off at daycare he told his teacher that his brother’s birthday was on Saturday. She asked what kind of cake he was having. I cringed. Matthew got the most mischievious look on his face and opened his mouth to answer. I practically yelled “RED VELVET CAKE” in my attempt to keep Matthew from saying his now favorite phrase. Matthew looked at me like, “You beat me to it this time, woman, but next time, you may not be so lucky.” My luck ran out on Saturday at the grocery store. We walked through the bakery section and Matthew asked very loudly, “Which one of those cakes is a RED PELVIS CAKE?” Yes, he did. People used to tell me how amazing and fulfilling parenthood was – they conveniently left off the part about how humiliating it can be. Children should come with a disclaimer:

Caution: Babies look cute, but do have some side effects. Side effects may vary in intensity and may be more severe at times, especially during the infant, toddler and adolescent years. Possible side effects include: sleepless nights, stretch marks, wrinkles, anxiety, financial stress, social upheaval, questioning of your basic beliefs and value system, feelings of helplessness and humiliation. You may feel the urge to run screaming from room to room in your house or to rock yourself back and forth in the fetal position. Those urges are normal. Consult a therapist if side effects become bothersome.

Anyway, as we were getting up Sunday morning, the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through St. Louis, dumping about 6″ of rain in just a few hours and knocking the power out at our house about 8:30 am. We were without power for about 8 hours Sunday. Church was a no-go as there was flooding all around the building – plus we figured if we didn’t have electricity, chances were nobody else did, either. There was quite a bit of flash flooding here, but by Sunday afternoon, the rain had stopped and our power came back on – much to Matthew’s delight, as he finally figured out that without electricity, he can’t watch TV, movies, play video games or play on the computer. In other words, he had a very boring Sunday.


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