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Are You Threatening Me?

Matthew is going through a phase. I hope. Lately he’s been resorting to threats in order to get his way. For example, I grounded him the other day from playing a video game (Lego Star Wars, his new addiction – he was grounded because he continually left the game on and didn’t put it up when he was finished). Anyway, he apologized and wanted to immediately play his game again. I told him no, he had to wait until tomorrow to play because I decided to fight this battle –  it would be better in the long run if I didn’t have to fight this one when he was 15. Then the conversation went this way:

Why can’t I play Star Wars? I said I was sorry. I am going to break all your new pots and pans if you don’t let me play right now.

Matt, I’m not letting you play today. That’s what being grounded means. I want you to remember to put the game away when you’re done playing.

Well, I’ll sue you if you don’t let me play.

Who is going to be your attorney?

I don’t need an attorney.

So you’re going to file your complaint yourself?

Brandon will help me.

Sorry, he’s not old enough.


No bar license.

What’s a bar license? Binki, then. Come on, Mama, let me play!

He didn’t get to play and he got a lecture on threatening his parents. Bummer. Since then, he hasn’t threatened litigation but I am toying with the idea of letting him write his grievances down and letting him “serve” them. While I think that writing his complaints down would be a good exercise in writing as well as expressing himself, I don’t want to encourage him to file lawsuits at the slightest offense. Maybe I should impose “filing fees” . . .


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  1. I am certain that there is some attorney out there who will take this case on a contingency. Do you carry Parent malpractice coverage? Personally, I always resorted to quoting Job 38: 1 et. seq.

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