Hide and Seek Phone

As you know, I took a business trip to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. About 15 minutes before I left the house to go to the airport, I had this conversation with Matthew:

Matthew: Hey Mama – want to play a game?

Me: Buddy, we don’t have time to play a game right now, but I promise I’ll play with you when I come home.

Matthew: But you want to play this game.

Me: What game?

Matthew: Hide and seek phone.

Me: What is ‘hide and seek phone?’

Matthew: Well, I hid your cell phone and now you have to find it.

Me: Matt, I don’t have time to play hide and seek phone. Where is my cell phone?

Matthew: You have to find it. I can’t tell you.

Me: Matt . . .

Matthew:  I’ll give you hint . . . it’s not in your bedroom.

Chris got Matthew to divulge the location of the cell phone and then whispered the location to me while Matthew was distracted. I was able to pretend to search while I made my way to the secret location: a file drawer in the office. This isn’t the first time Matthew has hidden something at an inconvenient time . . . Chris once had to call day care and ask Matt where he hid Daddy’s car keys. They were also in a drawer. And very fortunately for us (in this case), Matthew can’t keep a secret very long. So much for starting the day out stress-free!


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