Parental Angst

I took the day off from work today so I could register Brandon for middle school – hard to believe he’s going to be in sixth grade! It seems like it was just yesterday I was fishing his granola bar out of the VCR and rocks out his mouth and now he’s a full-fledged middle schooler.  

As soon as we walked into the school, I was overcome with a feeling of awkwardness and wondering if my outfit was dorky and if my hair was way too frizzy. And I thought, yep, this is middle school alright. But returning to middle school as a parent is different – people aren’t looking at your clothes, they’re looking at your checkbook. We went station to station in the cafeteria – pick up schedule, drop off medical and vaccination records, update address/phone information, pay for yearbook, pay for school phone book, pay for 6th grade camp, pay for school pictures, pay for rollerskating lessons. (Yes, rollerskating lessons: $7.00.) Spirit gear, anyone? Just make your check payable to  . . .

We also found out that Brandon has required reading over the summer, which he conveniently ‘forgot’ to tell us about. Luckily, it’s not too much and I think he can do it over the next week. He is my complete opposite in this area – when I got the summer reading list, I started on it right away. It was the highlight of my summer. Okay, I was a geek and liked schoolwork, but at least I was a well-read geek. He is excited about school and has been continually re-arranging his school supplies in his backpack. I hope he enjoys school a little more this year since he’ll have a little more freedom and responsibility. I remember how big I felt when we got to change classes.

So 20 minutes and nearly $200 later, we have Brandon’s schedule and locker combination in hand. We found his classrooms and his locker. He tried his locker combination about 15 times until he felt comfortable with it and the fact that he doesn’t actually fit into his locker – just in case anybody got any crazy ideas. Ahh . . . middle school memories . . .


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  1. $200! Wow, that’s just for sixth grade. I hate to think about what his senior year is going to cost!

    I hope Brandon has a good year. Middle School is not all that bad. We all survived to tell about it!

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