This past weekend, Brandon was invited to a sleepover/Nerf gun party. Brandon did not have a Nerf gun so on Friday I bought him one.  I didn’t want him to have to watch from the sidelines and pick up the stray Nerf darts by hand to throw at his friends. Poor, deprived kid. Anyway, we have accumulated 3 Nerf guns over the past few days (see previous post about Matthew’s cunning and successful attempt at scoring a gun).

At first, Chris was a little concerned about what kind of message we were sending the boys by letting them play with toy guns. And he’s right, I don’t want the boys treating real guns like toys, either. But the teenager in my head was going, “Nerf gun war? Dude! That’s so cool!” So we tried to keep the boys from being too violent by not allowing them shoot at each other.

By Sunday night however, things had changed. War was being waged downstairs in the media room, behind forts built out of storage containers and cardboard and smack dab in the middle was my beloved husband, orchestrating the rules of warfare and offering strategy to anyone who would listen. Matt (being only 4 years old and not so good with the mechanics of a Nerf gun) was “immortal” and couldn’t “die,” but if he happened to hit you, it counted. Matt loved that and ran through the house shouting, “I’m immortal! I’m immortal!”  Also, because we love safety: no shooting at the head.

Brandon and I engaged in a shootout from our respective forts, until I decided to charge him, using cardboard as a shield. He was not prepared for my gutsy move and I got him three times before he could aim his gun. We played all over the house, hiding and shooting at each other. I must say, Chris is pretty good at hiding and he was able to shoot me and Brandon before we could fire back. Chris also spilled a bit of his Big Red (which is a red-colored soda) right down the front of his shirt – it looked remarkably like a blood stain. The boys thought that was pretty cool.

As I walked through the door yesterday, a Nerf dart whizzed past my head and I caught a glimpse of Brandon making a quick escape from the upstairs landing. He planned to ambush his father upon his return from work, but Chris was stealthy and slipped into the house unnoticed, catching Brandon unprepared to do battle.

We are going to have to put some parameters on this Nerf gun thing because I don’t want to have to duck and cover any time I walk through the house. That problem may take care of itself, though, because the boys have already lost several of the darts and that rate they will be out of them in just a few days. Then maybe Chris and I should invest in a couple of super-soaker water guns . . .


2 Responses

  1. The ambush thing reminds me of an old series of movies called “The Pink Panther” (not the cartoon). Peter Sellars played the bumbling Inspector Clouseau, who daily came home to Cato, his manservant, who attacked him w/ various weapons trying to catch him off-guard. Grand hijinks ensued. Perhaps the boys will be your Cato…

  2. That is a lot safer than the pea shooters we used to use as kids! 🙂

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