My Little Radiator

Matt woke us up about 5:00 this morning – he was burning up. The thermometer registered a fever of 103.9. Poor guy! We could have fried an egg on his tummy. He was so hot, I felt the heat radiating off of him. I gave him some medicine and he fell back asleep in our bed. This morning he’s feeling a bit better.

So I’m home with him today, watching movies and cleaning up a little bit. (Okay, cleaning up a lot, because the house is starting to get out of hand!) And I’m also superpoking people on Facebook. If you’re on Facebook, you know what that is. If you’re not, it sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? I’m starting to get into the Facebook thing, even though I feel almost too old to be on Facebook. I really enjoy getting back in touch with people from high school, college and other friends we’ve made over the years.

Anyway, Matt’s watching a movie neither of us have ever watched before, and he’s driving me crazy with questions: 

“Does the giant talk?”

“I don’t know – I’ve never seen this before.”

“What’s he going to do?”

“I don’t know – I’ve never seen this before.”

“What’s going to happen?”

“I don’t know – I’ve never seen this before.”

 Maybe I should just start making up things like “Yes, the giant speaks and then he goes to college and majors in communication.” Or “He’s going to do his taxes and then he’ll get audited – and that’s when it really gets funny!” Sounds like I’m going to have fun day!


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