More Beach Pictures

Well, I’m completely out of stuff to blog about, so I’ll bore you with more beach pictures.Here are a few of my favorites:

Matt finds out why it’s NOT a good idea to let your cousins and brother bury you in the sand: Sand in the ear.

And what’s the deal with kids and tongues?


My Nephew, Grant

My Nephew, Grant

Good try, Matt, but I think Grant wins the weirdest tongue trick. Better luck next year. Yep – Grant definitely has talent:

This one is one of my favorites. The kids were all supposed to jump at the same time. Notice the big kids get off the ground first:

Brandon, James, Anna, Matt and Luke

Brandon, James, Anna, Matt and Luke

Then the big kids land and the little kids try to jump:

I’m not sure Anna, Matt and Luke actually left the ground but they tried. I came back with 5 CDs full of pictures, so I can keep this up for a long time, people! Hopefully I’ll be back in a posting mood soon.


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  1. love those pics!

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