Back in the STL

We’re finally home from our week down on Blue Mountain Beach – and it is sooo good to be home. Except for the dirty laundry and the fact that we have no food in the house. Binki is even glad to see us – especially since she had to stay the week at the vet’s and got all her vaccinations while she was there. Oh, and she had an ear infection. But she’s all better now and just waiting for the right time to throw up on the carpet to teach me to leave her for a week.

We had a great time (check out the pictures on my sister’s blog and my sister-in-law’s blog) even though we were officially outnumbered by kids this year – 6 adults and 7 kids in our condo. The kids (aged 11, 7, 6, 4, 3, 22 months and 4 months) had a blast in the pool – not so much on the beach since the water was green — WAY green — and filled with jellyfish. My husband Chris and niece Anna both had some jellyfish stings. Chris was also viciously attacked by two crabs – or maybe Chris shouldn’t have been trying to catch said crabs by hand. Anyway, it just isn’t a family vacation until Chris gets bitten by some kind of animal. So far, he’s been bitten by a parrot, a monkey, a lizard, pinched by crabs and stung by jellyfish. Not all on this vacation, but over the years. Here’s a picture of Chris just seconds before a parrot took a bite out of his neck on our 2002 Cancun vacation:

And here’s a picture of the monkey, also seconds before biting Chris:


Yes, the monkey and the parrot bites happened on the same vacation. Here’s a picture of the vicious crab Chris caught this past week:

Okay – just kidding – that’s a crab caught by Brandon. Here’s the crab that took a chunk out of Chris’s finger:

Vicious, huh? Anyway, we all had a great time at the beach and are looking forward to next year already. Now back to reality: laundry.


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