Sunscreen? Check. Beach Towel? Check. Bronchitis? Check.

Wouldn’t you know it? Just a few days to vacation and I’ve got an upper respiratory infection. I’ve been feeling bad for a couple of weeks, but I thought it was just allergies. A couple of days ago, I started getting that burning cough and on Tuesday, I felt horrible. I left work early and went home to take a nap.

So I decided to call the doctor’s office to see if I could get in Tuesday afternoon. No such luck – but they did have open appointments on Wednesday – would 6:45 work? “In the morning?” I asked. Yes – in the morning. So yesterday morning I rolled into the doctor’s office at 6:41 (very proud of myself, actually) and got some antibiotics and sympathy from my doctor. Today I am feeling much better, thank goodness!

Now I have a ton of stuff to do before we leave – laundry, clean the house, take Binki to be boarded . . . Anyway, a bunch of stuff. It’s amazing all the things you feel like you need to do before you go on vacation – by the time I finish all the packing, purchasing, preparing, cleaning and driving, I’ll be in dire need of a vacation!


3 Responses

  1. Hope you feel better soon. The beautiful blue waters of the gulf will help alot!

  2. So will a large frosty Dr. Pepper!

  3. Yes, I think my doctor should have prescribed me a trip to the beach so that I could get well faster…

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