Where It Burns

The local theater chain around here is called Wehrenberg Theaters. It is, evidently, a family-owned business from way back in the day because before every movie, they show pictures of their theaters in the early days – the first theaters, the drive-ins and now the traditional movie megaplex. Then a little jingle plays, signaling that you have survived all the commercials, previews, movie trivia and music videos and now it’s time to watch the movie you just spent $50 (including drinks and popcorn) for the family to see.

The jingle goes like this: “Wehrenberg . . . Wehrenberg Theaters!” Then a voice whispers “Wehrenberg . . .” Very dramatic.

When the jingle plays, my boys sing along: “Where it burns . . . where it burns in a theater!” And then of course, they whisper (loudly) “Where it burns!” Not as dramatic. Slightly embarrassing, actually.

So if you’re in St. Louis at a movie and someone’s kids are singing “where it burns,” please accept my apologies and do not make eye contact with these children. It only encourages them, and then I have to hear “where it burns in a theater!” for the rest of the day.


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  1. I like your blog design! I just never have time to sit and listen to music at the computer. Now if you can figure out how to download the music to an ipod for us…..? 🙂

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