Saying Goodbye to Basement Lake

Remember Basement Lake? From March? Yeah – it kept returning and returning, even after the installation of a sump pump due to all the wet weather we’ve had the past few months. Evidently, sump pump guy didn’t know what he was doing, and a few weeks ago (remember flooded window well?) the basement flooded again. Now, we’ve saved the carpet, we think, because it doesn’t smell moldy – thank goodness! But it could be that the toxic mold has destroyed our senses of smell and we’re being poisoned daily by insidious mold spores. One or the other.

So right now, about 1/4 of our media room floor is missing because someone jackhammered it out today so that they could place a French drain under the low point in the floor so that it would drain properly into the sump pump. Understand?  Then the concrete has to be replaced, the carpet re-laid and a decorative box placed over the sump pump so it is more aesthetically pleasing. I plan on putting a plant on top of it.

It rained again tonight but everything in the basement is dry. For now. I’m sure as soon as the last corner of the carpet is tacked down, we’ll enter seven years of drought and the sump pump will never kick on, causing it to break down and then when said sump pump is needed, it won’t work. That’s how my luck is going right now.

So the goals are to a) have the concrete poured so it can dry in the next week or so; b) go on vacation knowing that the sump pump will prevent Basement Lake from forming again; and c) not worry/talk/dream about sump pumps while I’m on vacation.  Because if Basement Lake returns, I will not be responsible if the sump pump meets an unexpected and untimely demise, from an ax or something like that.


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