Shoe! Panda! Panda!

If you were to listen to the conversation in our house for the past few days, it would go something like this: “Panda! Shoe! Shoe! Panda! Panda!” No, we haven’t gone completely bonkers – we have the long-anticipated and hard-to-find Wii Fit, a fitness program designed for the Nintendo Wii. You stand on a balance board and try different activities – yoga, strength training, aerobics and balance games. It’s a ton of fun; more fun than I thought it would be. One of the balance games has you head-butting soccer balls while trying to avoid shoes and pandas thrown at your head. Hence the panda-shoe warnings.

Whoever designed the Wii Fit deserves a Nobel Prize. Or something like that. For 8 whole minutes tonight, Matthew ran in place while his virtual self chased after a virtual dog. He ran so much the game rewarded him by “unlocking” another game for him. Brandon has played so much, he’s unlocked several extra games and set several family records. I, however, hold the hula-hoop record with an untouchable 700+ rotations. Go me! And I just squashed Brandon’s ski jump record. Woo hoo! And I’ve never even been on a pair of snow skis!

The program keeps track of your BMI and weight as well as your time spent on the different activities. It also allows you to set weight and/or BMI goals and gives you encouragement as you try to meet those goals. You can select a virtual personal trainer to show you how to do the yoga and strength exercises. I’ve named my trainer Sven. He thinks I have good balance and form. I don’t, really, (not yet at least) but talk like that will keep me coming back for more yoga. Oh, Sven, you devil – I’ll see you tomorrow morning!


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