It’s Electric!

I have been trying to post this picture for a few weeks, but for some reason, Internet Explorer won’t let me post pictures in WordPress. Or open e-mail attachments. (What up with that, Bill Gates?) But I’ve discovered that Firefox will post pictures and let me open my email attachments. So Firefox it is. Anyway, this is the dining room light and medallion I installed in April. By myself. With electric wiring and all that.

Chris had to teach class that night but I was determined to have the light fixture installed.  So, with poorly-written instruction manual in hand, I attempted my first solo lighting project.

And it only took me FIVE tries, but I finally got it wired correctly and bolted to the ceiling.  Evidently, it’s important not to skip steps in the installation manual, even if you think the steps are stupid or a waste of time.

After I finally got it attached to the ceiling, I told Brandon to go turn the breaker on. At that point, Matthew flipped the light switch and the lights came on. I had been working with hot wires the entire time. Fortunately for me, I didn’t find out the hard way the wires were hot. That would have been bad and probably would deter me from future lighting projects – like turning on lights and plugging in appliances.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! I am glad you did not hurt yourself. I do like the light fixture. Next time, please make sure the power is off!

  2. Great job! I have gotten to wire our kitchen light, our ceiling fan in our bedroom (flush mount… oooo…..) and 2 outdoor lights on the patio. It is so fun to do – and not that hard!

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