Matthew-isms, Mother’s Day Edition

Oh Mama, it’s not cold. Come wrap up in your warm Matthew.

Hey, Brandon. Guess what? I NEVER BLINK.

If a bird flies into our house, it’s domestic. We found Binki outside. She’s wild.

I don’t want to clean. I think I want to be grounded.

Can I have a drink? I can? Guess what? I already had one!

These are a few of the funny things Matthew’s said in the past few days. Mother’s Day was nice, except the part where Binki ran away Sunday night and we had to walk the neighborhood looking for a fat, deaf, nearly blind black dog in the dark. We searched for about an hour with no sign of her – walking up and down the street and driving around the block. I was afraid we wouldn’t find her and she would be hit by a car because she has no idea where she is most of the time. We finally heard her tags jingle – she was about 3 houses down from our house. I don’t know what it is, but lately, she’s been taking off around the house and is incredibly fast for a 15 year old dog. Of course, when we got her home, she ran inside and acted like she was soooo glad to be back. Chris thinks she’s going senile, but maybe she’s just bored and trying to spice things up. I hope she doesn’t try to keep us on our toes – I’m tired of playing hide and seek!


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