Recycling: More Complicated Than It Looks

Happy Earth Day. Or as Matthew says, Earf Day. We celebrated by taking all of our collected plastics, steel, aluminum, glass and cardboard to the recycling center yesterday afternoon, where I promptly ticked off a recycle worker by accidentally dumping my plastics into the cardboard bin. He looked at me like I had just shot someone and then ran over his puppy. Sorry, recycle man, okay? I’m trying to watch a 4 year old and keep him out out of traffic while I save the earth. I’m sure I’m not the first to mix up the recycling.

After the cardboard/plastic debacle, I threw my green glass Coke bottles in the clear glass bin. You know, I didn’t realize Coke bottles were so green until I compared them with the clear glass bottles in the bin. (Really, I wasn’t being spiteful to the recycle guy, who most likely won’t even pick the green bottles out of the bin. But now that I think of it – HA! GREEN bottles in the clear glass! Take that, judgmental recycle guy!) Next time, I’ll be sure to throw them in the green glass bin, okay, recycle man? At least I got the steel cans and the aluminum cans separated correctly. This time.


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  1. Sounds like you are over your writers block…

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