Bad Case of Writers’ Block

Sorry I’ve been totally neglectful of the blog lately, but I’ve had a terrible case of writers’ block. Or spring fever. Or maybe just plain laziness, but one would think that with all that’s been going on, I would have something to write about. But I’m just not motivated.

It’s not that I haven’t had much to write about this month – my brother, niece and nephew visited, I turned 35, the dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea – there’s got to be something I can pull out of that, but the creative side of my brain is obviously on vacation. Hopefully it will return soon, all tan and relaxed from wherever it went (I suspect somewhere tropical, having a fruity drink), and more creative posts will return. But until then here’s a quick weekend review:

My brother and his children, James and Anna, visited St. Louis for the first time. We had a great time at the zoo and City Museum. I think the kids had a lot more on their itinerary, but time (and the adults’ energy level) did not allow us to squeeze in everything on their list. Matthew and Brandon loved playing with their cousins and everyone got along really well. We hope they can return soon, with Aunt Liz and Luke, for more fun in St. Louis!

Wednesday the dermatologist diagnosed me with rosacea – which is not a terrible surprise, since I fell into just about every risk category – female, over age 30, of Irish/Scottish/British descent, fair skinned. Check check check and check. I have felt like I’ve had a continual sunburn on my face for several weeks now, and  the winter wind really hurt my face this year. So my face would sting in the wind, then itch the rest of the day and get all dry and flaky. Yuck. Oh, and then the outbreak of acne that wouldn’t go away. Sheesh. I never had skin problems – even as a teenager, I had pretty clear (albeit pale) skin. Then you turn 35 and your face breaks out, dries out and feels like an eternal sunburn. On the positive side, I have a rosy glow.

Sorry for the boring post. Like I said: creative side of brain on vacation.


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  1. I STILL have acne issues – I wish I could have said that this just started in my 30’s! I also have the pale skin, the redness (not as bad as yours), burn in the sun, etc…

    I have seriously thought about going to the tanning bed this year. I haven’t had that thought since, um… 1993.

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