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The Official Bag-Holder of the Day

That’s me. Why? Because today we took the kids to City Museum and I verified what I had feared for a while: I don’t like caves. Well, more specifically, I don’t like crawling through 18″ wide tunnels. The City Museum has a way cool ‘enchanted cave’ area – tunnels, caves and secret passageways winding all over the museum – and if I were a kid, I’d love every minute of it. However, I am now an adult, and the knee-scraping, head-bumping and tight squeezes are just a bit too, um, panic-inducing for me now. I’m not sure when this transformation took place, but this morning, as Anna and the boys disappeared into a tunnel running under the floor, I knew I couldn’t follow them. Luckily, Chris is not afraid of the tunnels, even if he has to lay on his back and pull himself through the passage. Which he and Brian had to do in several places. I wasn’t sure Brian was going to get through some of them, but he squeezed and pulled and made it through.

 I’m having problems posting photos – check out the City Museum pictures on Flickr.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t feel bad. I am positively sure that if I had been able to be there with you, you would have not been alone in your bag-holding duties!!! Tight spaces and I do not get along either!!!

  2. What a cool place for kids! It looks like the kids are having a good time!

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