Apologies For My Violent Outburst

Really, I’m not a violent person – so yesterday’s Sallie Mae smack talk was really uncharacteristic of me. I hope you weren’t offended. Unless you’re Sallie Mae, then I hope you were offended.

 I’ve just reached the end of my rope with them and their um, ineptitude. I had signed up years ago for email billing/correspondence, but they never could seem to get my email address right, even after repeated phone calls and on-line corrections. So I gave up and had everything mailed to me. They can’t seem to do that right, either. Needless to say, I am angry and I believe, justifiably so.

Anyway, I wrote a long email to the Senate Education Committee and our state senators basically accusing Sallie Mae of corruption in their billing practices. I expect to appear on the federal no-fly list at any time. My file at the FBI is probably already half an inch thick. Hopefully, waterboarding is not in my future.  But you never know with this administration. But better days are ahead, right? Right?

Right. Anyway, here’s a cute baby talking about savings accounts for your entertainment:


2 Responses

  1. Don’t you feel the same way the baby does about clowns??

  2. One of my college roommates from FU dreamed one night that she strangled Sallie Mae. She didn’t say what she looked like…

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