Random Stuff

I’m not really inspired to post much so here’s some random stuff:

Sallie Mae: Your incompetence boggles the mind.

Trader Joe’s: I’m totally in love with you.

Spring: Get here. Now.

Binki: Sorry I ran out of your favorite dog food. Deal with it.

Rain: Go away. Now.

Matthew: Trips to Target do not always require the purchase of Spiderman gear. But they do require the purchase of hair products.

Brandon: Spring break is over, dude. Sorry. But only 9 more weeks till summer!

Sock vortex: I just purchased a new pack of 12 socks. One washing later, there are 11 socks. Where is the 12th sock? Some strange alternate sock world where you put two socks in the washing machine and get three out of the dryer? Because that never happens in our house.


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