Why Our Easter Eggs Are Brown

Tonight we dyed eggs in the traditional Easter fashion. I bought one of the various egg dyeing kits – the one with the little color tablets and the wire egg-retriever – and we dyed about a dozen eggs in colors of red, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. They are really pretty.

I actually boiled 17 eggs because I like odd numbers (not really, I was going to do 18, but one cracked). After the first 12, we had five more to do and Brandon decided to get creative – what if we dyed one green, then red? What if we started pouring other colors into the yellow? So we have 12 traditional-colored eggs and 5 random, weird colored eggs, that aren’t really brown, they’re more purple-brown, if that’s a color you can imagine.

I put the eggs in the refrigerator because I’m all about food safety, and Matthew got upset: we’re supposed to put the eggs out for the Easter bunny, he told me. “The Easter bunny will be sad if we don’t put the eggs out.” I assured him the Easter bunny did not want to eat our eggs, but wanted to bestow lots of chocolate and candy on good little boys who went to sleep when they are told.

And here’s a confession: I wanted to be on-the-ball with Easter, because I kind of dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day and didn’t really do anything for the kids, so I bought their candy two weeks ago and I DIDN’T EAT IT ALREADY! Yea, me! So I’ve got all their candy, and I’m thinking that I’ll just grab their baskets today, because I’ve seen them out in the garage in storage and I’ll just run out there and get them, right? I searched everywhere for those baskets and can’t find them. I know they are somewhere around here. Anyway, the kids had to put something out for the Easter bunny before they went to bed and the winner of Easter basket stand-in: Halloween pumpkins. Yes, my kids are getting their Easter treats in their Halloween pumpkins. It should make for interesting Easter morning pictures.


2 Responses

  1. I was telling Stephen how we would dye eggs and somehow there would always be ugly brown eggs created. (I am pinning the deed on Brian, however, I am sure we all did it.)

    I too bought the Easter candy early, but I am sad to say I HAVE eaten most of it. Lucky for me Grant has no idea it is Easter, or that he should have lots of candy. In fact, I need to go put his Eater basket together right now!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I don’t remember that – but then again, there’s lots of things I don’t remember from childhood. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at brown-ish eggs!

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