Easter Finery

So Sunday is Easter and since I have two rambunctious boys, I only this past weekend broached the subject of Sunday morning Easter outfits. Not having a girl kind of makes this easy, since the boys are not really interested in getting new Easter outfits and I don’t have to plan weeks in advance for dresses, shoes, hair accessories and jewelry. Yea boys! Woo hoo!

Brandon refuses to wear any shirt that has buttons and any pants that aren’t denim. Also shoes that aren’t Skechers. Last Sunday, I had to tell him twice to change before we left for church because he was wearing a t-shirt with holes in it. He really doesn’t care what he wears (remember the trashbag incident?) as long as he’s comfortable. I don’t blame him, really, but I do trace this problem back to a series of unfortunate events: namely, his duties as ringbearer in multiple weddings at a tender age. At my sister’s wedding, he went down the aisle in his socks because he refused to wear the dress shoes – they hurt his feet. Luckily, my sister didn’t really care and it makes for a cute story. I believe the tuxedos scarred him for life and he will never dress up again. I envision prom pictures of him in a sportsjacket, jeans and a tuxedo t-shirt. (Because a tuxedo t-shirt says I want to be formal, but I’m here to party. Right?)

Anyway, I carted the kids to The Childrens Place (because I love their clothes), we held our breath and ran through the racks of pink stuff at the front of the store and dove into the boys’ section. The boys found themselves buttondown shirts and I actually got Brandon to agree to wear a pair of navy pants. With his Skechers. But pants nonetheless. Five minutes later, we were out of there. Again, woo hoo! I do love to shop, but when the kids are with me, the quicker the better.

P.S.: Actually, I asked Matthew what he wanted to wear for Easter and he stated a white fur suit with rabbit ears. Ha ha!


3 Responses

  1. I remember how excited Brandon was about wearing his “penguin suit,” aka tuxedo, at our wedding until he had to wear the shoes. I can’t blame him. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is not fun at any age! I can say I hope that he will out grow his hate for all clothes of the dress variety.

    Matt, on the otherhand, will be the one who goes all out at prom and plans his outfit maybe more than his date!

  2. Pictures?

  3. I’ll get pictures asap – but probably that’ll be Sunday!

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