Weekend Happenings

For the second weekend in a row, we’ve attempted to get the taxes and tag taken care of on our new mini-van. Last weekend, we went to the agency only to be told we didn’t have the right emissions test done and we needed our 2007 property tax receipt. So today, we took the van to get the correct inspection, grabbed all of our paperwork, stood in line for 45 minutes, only to be told by the tag agency that the dealership did not transfer the title correctly and we DIDN’T need our property tax receipt. So THEN we drove to the dealership, confronted the sales guy, got the title completed, fussed at the general manager because now the tag place was closed and our temporary tag is expired and we’re going to get a $25 penalty when we (finally) get the tags next week. For this reason, I will try very hard NOT to purchase vehicles while we live in Missouri. It is a giant pain. GIANT.

 I’ve never lived in such an aggravating state when it comes to getting a licence plate for your vehicle. When we moved here, we had to 1) get the cars inspected at one place, 2) drive to a different place to get the cars’ emission tested, 3) go to the county revenue department to get a statement saying we didn’t previously live in Missouri and owed no taxes for the last year, 4) get our insurance transferred over, 5) THEN go to the department of revenue to get a tag. Very frustrating.

We also took the boys to Fitz’s Root Beer Microbrewery for lunch. Yummy. I don’t like root beer, but I did have a big frosty mug of grape soda. And we had fried pickle chips, which don’t sound very good, but are actually pretty addictive. The weather was beautiful for the first time in a while, and we enjoyed walking in the The Loop this afternoon.

For tomorrow, I’ll be doing church, laundry, and grocery shopping. Maybe I can squeeze in a nap somewhere in there. This is shaping up to be a pretty typical weekend.


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