It’s 2 AM. Do you know where your kid’s pajamas are?

I stayed up past midnight reading and didn’t want to disturb Chris, so I snuggled in the guest room with the big, thick comforter and a space heater. And because I was so warm and snuggly, I turned the lights out about 1 am and went to sleep. Binki, also very comfortable, fell asleep on the floor next to the bed.

A little while later, I heard a cough. “That’s a funny sounding cough from Binki,” I thought. But not being the nurturing kind at that time of morning, I fell right back to sleep. Then I heard it again. This time I thought that it sounded like Matthew, but that couldn’t be; he was sound asleep in his bed, right? I mean, that’s the last place I saw him, so he must still be there. Another cough – coming from the foot of the bed. I sat up and turned on the light, and on the floor at the foot of the bed was Matthew, sitting in front of the space heater, naked.

“What are you doing? And where are your pajamas?”

“I got cold in my pajamas, so I took them off.”

“Really? You’re not more cold without the pajamas?”

“No. I’m sitting in front of the heater.”

Okay. Well, that makes sense. I retrieved his pajamas, put them back on him, gave him some cough medicine and tucked him back in the bed. We then had a discussion about how everyone in this family will be wearing pajamas to bed . . . and all through the night  . . . and he can make the decision as to whether or not he wears pajamas when he moves out. I’m sure his college roommates will thank me.


2 Responses

  1. I seem to remember a little girl, at about the age of 2, who decided to go outside, take her clothes off, and sit on the back steps while her mother was busy getting clothes out of the dryer……

    I guess you’re getting a dose of your own medicine!

  2. I seem to be getting a double dose of my own medicine, as that wasn’t the first time Matthew went to bed with PJs on and woke up without them!

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