Back to Work

My long unexpected vacation has come to an end and today was my first day back in the legal saddle. I’m doing some contract work for a very large firm downtown. I can’t discuss the nature of the work because your eyes would roll back in your head and you would begin to snore and drool uncontrollably. Yes, it’s THAT exciting.

The day was fine; except that I had never been in this particular building and couldn’t find the correct elevator to take me to the top floor. I rode the wrong elevator a couple of times, just trying to find the 35th floor; the elevators only went up to the 20th floor. Luckily, a very nice worker on the 20th floor told me where the elevators to the upper floor were. So I started out the day feeling like a doofus.

 Anyway, it’s a job. Matthew is happy to be back at daycare and he wasn’t even sure he was ready to go home when I picked him up this evening. I mean, come on, they have lots of cool toys instead of the rocks he usually plays with here. (He actually has a lot of cool toys here; he’s just tired of them.) He did very well and wants to go back tomorrow. That’s a good sign. Of course, tomorrow is his Valentine’s Day party, so he may just want an all day sugar high.

Posting will probably be light while I attempt to get back in the swing of things and try to wrap my brain around getting dinner, laundry, kid stuff and dog care done in the evenings. If my poor overworked brain doesn’t explode, that is . . .


2 Responses

  1. Bravo!! No news here in Florida. It’s turning cold again (that’s a relative term). I was talking to someone in Canada this morning and it was 40 below there.

    We are just waiting for little Erin to make her appearance. Call us with the details of the new job.

    love ya


  2. Ditto!! It is (if nothing else) a boost to your esteem. Now, I know that you could make that job of yours sound interesting… You can make anything sound interesting! And, I LOVED the whole “rocks” comment. The same can be said around here. Although, I refuse to let our house be overrun with toys. I just can’t do it. Eventually, our children will be overrun with outside.

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