Leave A Kid Unsupervised . . .

Matthew is very artistic and loves to draw, so Santa brought him an artist easel and art set for Christmas. Luckily, Santa had been forewarned about Matthew and brought washable markers for him. Tonight, Chris and I were watching another marathon of 24 and letting the boys play. They were in and out of the media room, in the playroom and hallway, then it got really quiet. Brandon was playing quietly in the room with us, but Matthew was not.

About that time, Matt comes into the media room dressed in his Spiderman outfit and having kind of a gray pallor about him. I called him over to investigate to make sure he didn’t have plague or something like that and found that he had colored himself with a black marker all over his body. He had smeared it on his face, so he looked like he was turning gray. He even had it on his eyelids, his nose, his ears, behind his ears, his scalp,the back of his neck, his stomach, the soles of his feet and . . . his belly button.

Luckily, the marker was washable (and not a Sharpie), and a little scrubbing in the shower removed all of the marker except a little bit in the corner of his eye – I was afraid of getting soap in his eyes, so I left it. His belly button was solid black. I don’t think I got all of the marker out of his belly button, either. Oh well, it will wear off eventually.

In other news, we replaced Chris’s car this weekend with a . . . minivan. There are a lot of things I swore I’d never do or purchase, and this was one of them. But one has to keep an open mind about things and I’m finding that some of the things I swore I’d never do were stupid. Like getting a television for the kids. I mean, how else am I to get a moment of peace and quiet without putting on some kind of television show? I used to think parents who did this were lazy; now I know they were trying to STAY SANE.

Anyway, we rented a minivan at Thanksgiving and I loved it. I hate buying cars. Hate it. This experience wasn’t so bad, probably because the economy is tanking and the automakers want to move their inventory. We bought a used Kia Sedona at a really good price and low miles, so hopefully we won’t have to go through this again anytime soon. And since the economy is tanking, the Kia should last us a long time to get us through the looming recession and/or depression. What a deal, huh? Our economy suffers and we buy a foreign car. There’s soooo much wrong with that, but I’m not going to get into politics tonight; it will just give me nightmares.


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