Car Update

Well, we’re a one car family for a while. Chris’s red Focus was totaled as a result of the accident a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, we didn’t owe that much on it, so we’ll have money for a down payment on something else once we get the insurance straightened out. The question is: what kind of vehicle do we want? Sedan? Mini-van? Truck? Too many choices to make right now.

Matthew and I went out to the salvage yard today to get the car seat and other personal belongings out of the car. It looked sad – the front axle was definitely bent. The rest of the car was in pretty good shape, but it was a weird feeling just driving away and leaving the car to be picked apart or squashed into a little red cube. I’m not necessarily attached to the car, but it still felt like I was abandoning it.

Also, Chris found out yesterday that he has a compression fracture in his spine from the accident. He’ll be getting an MRI on Friday. I was pretty upset that he had a fracture – mostly because they just can’t do too much about it. He’s feeling alright (in fact, he went to Vegas this past weekend with his best friend) but he’s been sore ever since the accident. I’m just wanting things to start looking up for us – hopefully very soon!


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  1. When Scott’s alternator went out in his truck, I picked him up and (of course) left the truck on the side of the interstate (to get him to work and get the problem taken care of). I remember just watching it in the rearview window! How sad! Oh, and I did CRY when I sold my first car (Toyota Corolla) and watched from the window as it left our house. I am a sap.

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