This Is Where He Gets His Weird Sense of Humor

Chris: Brandon, what type of science project do you want to do?

Brandon: I’m not sure – I don’t like studying energy.

Me: I didn’t like that, either. We used to raise tadpoles until they turned into frogs, then mom made us let them go. How about studying life cycles?

Chris: He’d have a hard time finding tadpoles around here.

Me: There’s a mole in the front yard. We could give him a shovel and have him end its life cycle.

Chris: (Ignoring my last comment.) What about earth science or biology?

Me: Your Dad’s a psychotherapist – how about doing developmental tests on your little brother?

Brandon: (excited) Yeah! Does it include test tubes and explosions?

Me: Hey – it’s Matthew – you never know what’s going to happen.


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