Just a Quick Update on Dog Sitting

We finally figured out how to log on to my in-law’s computer – so I could feed my internet addiction. Matt and I have been here since Thursday, basically just to dog sit while my in-laws house shop in Texas.

Chris and Brandon joined us today so I don’t have to watch “Spongebob Squarepants,” “Flushed Away” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” for the twentieth time and have to go to my happy place so often. The dogs have been fine – no casualties. Matthew is another story. I believe the Yorkie will probably develop post-traumatic stress disorder due to Matthew’s incessant need to carry her around like a baby. I’ve also had enough of his new response to my commands/statements/advice: “Why” or “What kind of ___” are the new questions, i.e.: “Matthew, don’t step on my knitting bag because it has needles in it.”  His reply: “What kind of needles?” What does it matter what kind of needles? Are you going to fashion some kind of explosive device with my knitting needles? If so, I need to sign him up for a job at TSA. I tell him to avoid danger and he wants to know the level of injury he may sustain, I guess to decide if it is worthwhile to disobey or if I’m just keeping him from having fun and there’s really loads of chocolate in my knitting bag instead of needles. I don’t understand this kid.

Anyway, since the in-laws are away, we’re letting the kids run circles in their hallway upstairs until one or both of them collapses from exhaustion. They think it’s fun. I think they’ll wear out in about 20 minutes. Yea!


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