Status Report: 2007 Retrospective

January: Ice storm – but we didn’t lose power! Matthew had a glowing tummy.

February: We adopted a doberman with separation anxiety and a penchant for eating Elmos. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out with the dog and he went back to a loving family with much more time to devote to him and fewer Elmos to eat.

March: I have no idea what happened this month. Oh, yeah – I prepared a bunch of statistics for our client seminar, along with case summaries of new law for the past year. This will evidently not help me in September.

April: Turned the dreaded 34 years old – and I’m now at the end of the most popular 18 – 34 year old bracket. Advertisers will soon not care about my TV viewing habits or purchasing power – I’m not the younger generation, but I’m not a boomer either. I’m in demographic limbo. Chris has ER visit #1 due to injuring his back right after having an epidural steroid injection. All is well, although bruised.

May: Worst. Case. Of. Strep. Throat. Ever. I haven’t been that sick since junior high.

June: We move (yet again!) into an awesome house and go to the beach in the same month! Best month of the year.

July: Watch fireworks show from front yard while eating ice cream. Chris slices his thumb open for ER visit #2.  Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Harry Potter! Did I mention the Harry Potter marathon reading session?

August: Matthew turns four. Chris has incredible stomach pain for ER visits # 3 and #4. He is then admitted to the hospital for emergency gall bladder surgery/possible pancreatitis and after a 5 day hospital stay, is able to come home. I finish a big project for work anyway, working through Labor Day weekend.

September: Brandon turns 11; he gets a Wii. I am the worst Wii player in the family. My parents come to visit for my Dad’s birthday on the same day I lose my job (not withstanding the fact that I worked on the big project from husband’s hospital room – but I’m not too bitter). Mom distracts me with a painting project which leads to multiple other painting projects and possible paint fume addiction.

October: I admit to Internet that I lost my job. I look for a new job. We take Matthew out of daycare and thus begins my slow descent into insanity. I spend the latter part of October rocking back and forth in a corner and cradling a can of Dr. Pepper.

November: Our decorative pumpkins mysteriously disappear from our front porch. Brandon takes part in interpretive dance at school. I continue looking for job. We go to Florida for Thanksgiving – yea!

December: What? Has that already happened? It’s 2008? Really? The kids got toys and I must have fallen into some time/space continuum where time moves at lightning speed because I can’t believe it’s over.

Here’s to a happy 2008!


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  1. Do not have any epidural steroid injections! Did you ask the dr what drug they were injecting into the spine? Depomedrol? Kenalog? Celestone Soluspan? all these drugs for injections are used off label, and not approved by their manufacture’rs to be injected into the epidural space. Do a search-look up the drugs used for these injections
    They are compounds of a steroid and neurotoxins added, and cause Arachnoiditis, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and more. Research these injections!

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