Happy 2008!

Will write more when things get back to normal (i.e., Brandon returns to school and Chris goes back to work), but right now I’m on a cleaning/organizing frenzy and must take advantage of this all too rare occasion. In the past few days I’ve:

1. Bought matching picture frames and designed a “family” portrait wall, leveling and measuring all that good stuff.

2. Hung burgundy velvet curtains with gold rope tiebacks over the entrance of the media room – looking more and more theater-like!

3. Rearranged my office for better use of space.

4. Thrown out/recycled bags of junk – phone books from 2005, empty boxes, unneeded stuff, old/outgrown clothes.

Now I’m about to tackle the kids’ playroom and toys – they got waaay too many toys for Christmas, so I’m donating old toys to make room for new toys.

Hope y’all have a happy and healthy new year!


One Response

  1. Wow! You have been busy! I have been on vacation for the past week, and while I had good intentions, I seem to have fallen short on completing the tasks I had planned. For some reason I would prefer to nap when Grant is napping instead of clean out the closet, do the laundry, etc.! I hope you have a “happy” New Year!

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