Inside Story on “Lesson For Today”

1. Never let a four year old brush his/her teeth unsupervised when there’s tempting mixtures to be made with common household products.

2. Carefully hide things like baby powder that you don’t want spread liberally all over the house.

3. A four year old thinks it’s a good idea to use toothpaste as a heal-all cream: dry skin, cuts, bruises, hangnails. Anything but brushing his teeth. Additionally, a dusting of baby powder seals in the healing attributes of the minty paste. Bandaged with a band-aid or five? Even better.

4. On the plus side, you can locate your four year old by the trail of white powder and the minty smell.

5. The powdery hand prints on a mirror are a good cover for the almost undetectable toothpaste base that smears all over the mirror upon your feeble attempt to clean it.

*Side Note: also difficult to clean up: diaper rash cream. Trust me.


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