. . . And Then I Searched for Captain Barbossa’s Torso

For Christmas, Brandon received a “Pirates of the Caribbean” Singapore lego-like playset which consisted of over 100 pieces to snap together. (I say lego-like because it’s not Legos, but a different brand that doesn’t snap together as well as Legos, which leads to frustration and internal cussing while trying to construct said project. Then parts of the playset end up being thrown across the room.)

Yesterday, Brandon and I constructed the playset and left it on the floor in the living room, mainly because the slightest jostle would cause the whole pirate kingdom to separate and fall to pieces. This morning, Matthew came to me and said, “Mama, I had an accident in the living room.”

“What kind of accident?”

“Well, just come see. It was an accident.”

I walked into the living room and found the remnants of Singapore scattered all over the floor – each brick separated from the other. It was reduced to its elemental state – even the little pirate people lost their arms and legs in the “accident.” Matthew swore it was an “accident,” which caused me to have a childhood flashback of me telling Mom I “accidentally on purpose” hit my brother. I was probably about the same age.

So I tried my best to explain “accident” and “purpose” to a 4 year old and then we picked up all the pieces of the destroyed pirate kingdom. However, poor Captain Barbossa was our only casualty – we are still searching for his torso.


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