Christmas 2007, Or Why Santa Needs to Lay Off the Eggnog When Selecting Gifts for 4-Year Olds

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Santa visited us this year and brought a sleigh-load of plastic lead paint laced toys to our house. But I should start with Saturday; the weather was nice (almost 60 degrees!) so we took the boys to the zoo to get some pent-up energy out. Brandon was SO excited:


Pure joy on his face, right? And Chris and Matthew loved the goat yard, where we met a very stoic goat and I made jokes about Aberforth Dumbledore:


Then Matthew fought off a hippo attack:


No children or goats were harmed in the taking of the pictures. Alright, from the looks on the childrens’ faces, they had a horrible time at the zoo, but really, they didn’t. We had a good time, watched a 3-D dinosaur movie that scared Matthew and played with the goats. For some reason, the kids just refused to smile for the camera or smiled after the picture was taken.

Fast forward to Christmas eve, when the kids were driving us crazy to open their allotted Christmas eve present. This is Matthew right before tearing into a Spiderman-paper wrapped present:


That picture was snapped mid-Christmas present induced seizure. He recovered fully and played with his Spiderman toy the rest of the evening.

Santa then paid us a visit, and thinking that it would only take about 10 minutes to set up the toys, waited until about 11 pm to pull all the stuff out of the sleigh. Unfortunately, Santa was wrong. Santa brought Matthew an 84-piece plastic lead paint covered pirate ship to go with the 2,000-piece pirate chest my mom got him last year for Christmas. (Thanks, Mom! Alright, it doesn’t have 2,000 pieces, but it does have a lot!) He loves that set and has recently played with the pirate chest non-stop, so Santa thought he’d enjoy a pirate ship to add to the scattering of tiny plastic swords and skulls around the house. After much confusion over instructions printed in Germany about a toy manufactured in China and an hour and half of time, here’s the finished project:


Santa was so frustrated that she was tempted to display the toy this way on Christmas morning:


But Santa didn’t want to traumatize Matthew, so all the pirates were sitting innocently on the deck of the ship Christmas morning.  Santa didn’t know she needed a crash course in knot tying to assemble the ship, but she thinks she earned some kind of scout badge putting this thing together. Of course, it took Matthew no time to untie everything and write his name on the sails.

To continue with the theme of the day, Matthew also got a pirate costume:


Brandon and Matthew also snagged an airbrushing toy that will help them perfect their graffitti gang-tagging skills:


Another fun toy is the Hot Wheels track that launches cars at your head. It doesn’t work more than it works. I kind of want the kids to wear mouth guards and helmets when they play with it. As you can see from the picture, there’s a graveyard of Hot Wheels cars that didn’t make the loop:


Anyway, hope you’re enjoying your holiday season! Thanks to everyone who called, sent gifts, email or cards or even just thought about us at Christmas! We have great friends and family. Now time for a potentially lethal amount of leftover turkey and dressing!


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