Cable Quest

I’m searching for a cable – not just any run-of-the-mill-cable, but a particular cable that came with our portable DVD player – one that is special, unique and infuriatingly lost. It is THE cable that connects the portable DVD player to the television, so you can actually use the portable DVD player as a portable DVD player. We just had it here, in this very room, a few weeks ago. And now I can’t find it and I want to use it. NOW.

So I’ve been searching in the office closet, which is full of off-season clothes, graduation robes and bridesmaids dresses that I can’t bear to part with for some reason (where am I going to wear a pink formal dress with matching shoes at my age?) and three boxes of junk. The boxes of junk are filled with computer manuals, office supplies and other random junk that I haven’t had the inclination to throw out yet because you never know when you might need a dried up highlighter.

One of the boxes is also filled with cables: A gazillion USB cables, power cords, television cables, whatever the yellow-red-white capped cables are called. Lots and lots of cables. So many cables, in fact, that they form a  huge cable vortex, sucking up anything else that’s in the box – CD covers, pens, small woodland creatures. Maybe a Yeti. I’m telling you, the ball of random cables is huge.

But can I find the one cable I need?  The one cable the portable DVD manufacturer looked at and said, “Ha! If customers lose this cable they are screwed! Such fun!” No. No such luck and I’m afraid the cable has made a daring escape into the cable vortex and is now permanently entangled and forever lost.

I’m going to continue my search and venture into the cable vortex myself. It’s dangerous. I may need to anchor myself to the computer desk before I venture into the closet. But now it’s become a quest and there’s no turning back. That cable is here – somewhere – lurking and I will not rest until find it. Or be completely American: give up and buy a new portable DVD player.


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  1. look in a gift bag to a 4-year-old. You never know what you’ll find in there.

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