More Snow Pictures . . .



2 Responses

  1. I hope there will still be snow in April! Why, you might ask? There is a good chance we will be coming to St. Louis!!! Andy McDonad asked Brian to be a guest speaker at his church and that would give us another great reason to make the trip up there! We are so excited. It is not finalized yet, but Brian doesn’t see any reason why it won’t work out. We will keep you posted! Yeah!!!

  2. I’m so upset! We’re in Greenville,SC packing up some of my mom’s stuff and WE MISSED THE SNOW!! All we’re getting here is rain, rain, rain. Tomorrow we start the drive back in the biggest U-Haul truck I’ve ever seen. I hope 1) it stops raining and 2) we don’t see any ice.

    Have fun in your winter wonderland.

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