First Snow Disappointment

I was so excited yesterday about the possibility of snow; Matthew and I cut out some awesome snowflakes (cut out your own snowflakes here), turned on the Christmas lights and had a cup of hot chocolate while we waited for the snow to fall. The snow fell briefly just as Brandon came home from school, then turned to freezing rain and sleet. Bummer. No beautiful accumulations to speak of. And of course, Binki wanted to spend LOTS of time in the cold yard finding the perfect spot to heed nature’s call – and I’m standing out on the porch waiting for her in the cold. She doesn’t care, though – she’s well insulated with a large layer of fat and fur. Since I dictate when she can go outside, I think she makes me pay for it by being slow to complete her business. She’s a little passive aggressive.


2 Responses

  1. Your blogs are very funny! We have a well-insulated pug who was very particular about her perfect spot in the midwest too.

  2. My dogs just wander down the road to the vacant house next door. Scott and I have been known to ride in the truck to find them. I really miss my fenced in back yard. We recently got an estimate to finish the fencing here at the new house – $1700 – $1900. Looks like that will be another do-it-ourselves project…

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